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At the heart of the plant are two gas-fired reciprocating engines (MWM TCG2032). In connection with synchronous generators each genset generates 4.3 MW of electricity.

By cooling the engine jacket water around 1.6 MW/engine in hot water (70-90°C) is utilised for building heating and for feeding the hot water driven absorption chiller.

Utilising the exhaust gases there is around 2.2MW/engine available in flue gases (450°C). These are used to chill water using absorption chillers.

Three absorption chillers are used to produce chilled water. By consuming the residual heat from the gensets chilled water is produced at around 6°C. One of the chillers utilises hot water from the genset jacket water. The other two chillers utilise exhaust gases from the gensets. As a back-up solution, when the gensets are not in operation, two conventional electric chillers provide chilled water. The chilled water is used for cooling buildings.

A number of wet cooling towers are installed to remove the excess heat from cooling the chillers condensers and the gensets’ intercoolers. This circuit works with low-potential heat that is hard to utilise in conventional heating loads.

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